• Dylan Denmark

Week 9 Takeaways: Another One Bites The Dust

Photo: Rogelio V. Solis, AP

1. Another upset Saturday.

Make it three straight weeks a top 10 team as a 20-point favorite lost. Georgia, Wisconsin and Oklahoma.

With Oklahoma losing, that opens the door for for many scenarios for the playoff: two 2 SEC teams, Ohio State/Penn State, and Clemson are in the drivers seat. Only way 2 SEC teams go is the loser of Alabama/LSU doesn't go to Atlanta and sits at 11-1, while the winner win the SEC and likely secures a top spot. Or Florida/Georgia wins the SEC and LSU or Alabama sits at the end of the season with one lose.

Their is still a chance LSU, Alabama, and the winner of Florida-Georgia could all end the season with one lose.

Also, don't count out Penn State. In two of their next three games, it has to play at Minnesota and at Ohio State.

Back to Oklahoma, it had one of those Saturdays and likely every team will have one. This does not mean they are out of the playoff, but if they are fighting for the No. 4 spot, it will be tough to get. The committee has shown they don’t give the final spot to the team with a terrible lose.

In 2017, Alabama got the edge over Ohio State because Alabama's only lose was to Auburn 26-14, while Ohio State lost to Oklahoma early in the year and got rolled by Iowa.

In 2018, Oklahoma got the edge over both Georgia and Ohio State because Oklahoma lost on a game-winning field goal against Texas, while Georgia lost by 20 at LSU and to Alabama in the SEC championship and Ohio State got rolled by Purdue.

The committee I believe chose the team that did not have the worse lose and it will be hard for Oklahoma to fight their way when everyone is petitioning their way to capture the No. 4 spot in the playoff.

2. Is Ohio State the best team in the country?

Ohio State may be the best team in country and Bryce Chase might be the best player in college football.

Ohio State did not score until their second to last drive until the half and still ended up scoring 38 points on statistically the best defense in the country.

I would say Ohio State has three byes until it plays Penn State and Michigan before the end the year, but Ohio State has had one bad Saturday the last couple of years against teams against inferior competition. If they survive Maryland and Rutgers I don't see them losing.

3. LSU "bad" offensive game still had 500 yards

First, this game was a lot closer than I expected and hats off to Auburn. They held this LSU offense to 23 points that is something I don’t think any team remaining on their schedule can do. Now that Auburn is done traveling the south, they will play their last four games all at home against: Ole Miss, Georgia, Samford and Alabama.

Even though they lost, I feel more confident in what Auburn can do against Georgia and Alabama.

Auburn’s front four was able to put pressure on Burrow all game and held LSU to a goal line stand, 23 points on five red zone trips, yet their offense still had 503 total yards with 187 yards rushing.

Also, Burrow get the headlines for how great the LSU offense is doing but their rushing attack and line of scrimmage play has been a big difference rushing around 400 yards combined against Florida and Auburn.

4. What in the world has happened to Missouri?

They opened the season with a loss and looked like they were heading in the right direction, but it seems like they are a different team on the road than they are at home. They are 5-3 with all five wins at home and all three loses on the road.

5. FSU big emotional win over Syracuse

FSU can exhale for at least a week after the weirdness from David Coburn, FSU Athletic Director, said about Willie keeping the FSU even if he got run over by a bus.

FSU dominated the game but most of the conversation was on the attendance with 50,517, their smallest homecoming crowd since 1979 against South Carolina. Cam Akers looked like Cam Akers again and has kept their bowl hopes alive at 4-4. Assuming FSU beats Alabama State, FSU only has to Boston College or Miami which are winnable games.

6. Have we forgot about Clemson?

If I remember correctly, Clemson did blow out Alabama in the national title and has not lost a game this season.

Yes, they had a slow start and came close to losing to North Carolina, but Clemson is the one team I would not want to play in the playoff.

One of the reasons why I think Clemson started slow is what do they have to get up for? In the ACC, the second best team might be Wake Forest at 6-1 with a loss to Louisville, or Virginia at 5-3. By the way, one of these teams will be playing in the Orange Bowl.

7. TEXAS IS BACK! No, not really.

Texas-TCU statistically was an even matchup until Texas threw for four interceptions and was minus two in the turnover battle. The BIG 12’s only hope is Oklahoma and Baylor now. Texas defense has been atrocious and hasn’t been able to make stops when they need to.

This was a team that had the same expectation as Michigan and has done nothing to exceed it. They are now 5-3 granted with 2 loses to the two best offenses in the country, but you can't lose to TCU when the brand of Texas looked like they were stay in the top 10 week in and week out.

8. Michigan might play spoiler

Michigan handled Notre Dame in a big way in what seemed like a coin flip game. Michigan held Notre Dame to 105 yards before their final drive when both teams put backups in. Also, the first touchdown that was scored was off of a crap pass interference call that would have likely given Michigan a shutout.

Michigan’s offense has finally started to turn the corner getting over 400 yards the previous

two weeks and adding 403 yards last night with 303 rushing.

Looking ahead for Michigan, they go on the road to Maryland and Indiana and host Michigan

State and Ohio State. They should be favored in the next three game until it plays Ohio State.

My Top 10

1. LSU

2. Ohio State

3. Clemson

4. Alabama

5. Penn State

6. Florida

7. Georgia

8. Oregon

9. Auburn

10. Utah



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