Tony! Toni! Tone!

The curious case of Kadarius Toney

So, where do you stand on the great Kadarius Toney debate? Many in Gator Nation have screamed for 3 seasons to “give Toney the ball more!” I am not in that crowd. Let me explain the dilemma that the Dan Mullen has faced when dealing with his in-game workload for Toney.

One of three things is going to happen every time Kadarius Toney touches the ball.

1. He is going to make 800 jukes and jives and make a spectacular big gain.

2. He is going to make 800 jukes and jives and at the end of the play be tackled at the line of scrimmage.

3. He is going to make 800 jukes and jives and end up losing 8 yards. (when there were 5 yards to be gained if he would have taken what was there)

There are other limitations to his game that make it very difficult incorporate him into a consistent part of the offense. He has never become a good route runner which limits his touches to either on the line of scrimmage or horizontally down the line of scrimmage or out of the shotgun snap. When in the game Toney is not much of a blocking threat which is a staple to Dan Mullen wide receivers. So, with these major limitations to his overall game it is a liability to have Toney on the field on plays that are not designed to get the ball to him. The defenses figure this out quickly and turn it into a 11 vs 10 advantage.



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