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Terry Talk-Terry Norvelle’s thoughts on college sports & stuff

-LeBron please Le-Shut Up! – We all love that commercial where the tattoo artist says “stay in your lane Bro.” That is how I feel about Lebron James sticking his nose in not only International Politics (see the NBA/China spat) but also the NCAA “Fair Pay for play” legislation. I would take the opinion of a college poli-sci major over any International Political opinion offered up by a high school educated power forward. And speaking of college why does Lebron James, who has never spent 1 second as a NCAA student athlete, feel the need to get involved in that spat?? “Stay in your lane BRON!”

-Trask vs Franks- I have started to get asked how did Dan Mullen not choose Kyle Trask in the first place? My theory is that on the practice field while more relaxed than during a game the internal “processor” that all athletes have which tells them to “fire” is much quicker for Feleipe Franks. Once the real game starts for whatever reason franks appears a slit second slow. His practice field play combined with his crazy physical attributes makes Franks look like a workout warrior/the prettiest girl in school. It is hard to tell the prettiest girl in school that after spending time with her that you are going to start dating someone else. Physical talent can be as intoxicating to a coach as sheer beauty.

-No Beth so far - Keep this quiet, cross your fingers and hope that this is not going to jinx us but 7 weeks into the college football season all of us in the deep south (SEC & ACC country) have basically avoided the curse of Beth Mowins calling one of our games…SHHHHH!

-Smart Wisconsin- After averaging over 2000 yards his first two seasons Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor will not only miss the 2000-yard mark this season but he has no chance at the Heisman. And I bet Taylor could not be happier. The Badgers have been very limiting on Taylors carries this season and even started throwing him the ball much more. Wisconsin hopes their latest star running back is much fresher for what might be a 2nd half serious run to the CFP for Wisconsin. Entering the NFL with extra tread on his tires and proof on film that he is a receiving threat out of the backfield will only enhance Taylors value at the professional level.

-Sad Jags- Note to the Jaguars and their fans. A QB scrambling around like his hair is on fire then almost blindly heaving up a pass in NOT sustainable in the NFL…And it should have never been considered mania! There have been a million NFL players that have flashed for a game or 3, half a season or even a season that have withered away to become sports bar trivia. “And now for the tre-breaker question, 10 years ago what was the first name of the Jaguars mania QB?”

-Speaking of the Jaguars, unfortunately- Hold onto your wallet Duval County taxpayers. The worst business deal (The Jaguars) that keeps siphoning money from you via city hall is about to add to the hundreds of millions of dollars us taxpayers have already ponied up in the form of needing a new stadium. I assume those worlds largest video boards that the team just had to have, of which the city paid for half will be able to be recycled? If not, then that was not much of a ROI…Don’t even get me started on the soon to be demolished flyover near the stadium because Shad had a whim…Sad

-Start with the Rulebook- The NFL’s biggest officiating problem is not replay or bad refs. The biggest issue is the ridiculously thick rulebook. My God, if IBM did their thing and figured out all of the possible rules that might or might not be broken during a 4-6 second football play that number would rival the national debt. It is an amazing that NFL Refs can function at all with the billion possible rules that may or not have been violated by 22 players in a 4 second time period. Hey Goodell, pull a George Washington and chop down the rulebook by a few inches!

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