• Dylan Denmark

Takeaways from Week 15 CFP

Rick Osentoski USA TODAY Sports

With the season dwindling down in college football, each week means the ranking means more and the committee gave the public what they thought before championship weekend.

Ohio State came in at No. 1 followed by LSU, Clemson and Georgia with Utah, Oklahoma and Baylor on the outside.

College Football Committee chair Rob Mullen said they spent a considerable amount of time on the three undefeated teams.

“The difference in 1, 2, and 3 is just wins against ranked opponents and Ohio State with their fourth win against a ranked opponent this weekend, LSU with their impressive resume, that’s the separator.”

So essentially, Ohio State beating Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, and Penn State is better than LSU beating Florida, Auburn and Alabama.

The committee is playing the safe route to these rankings and it does not stop there.

Wisconsin is No. 8 jumping Florida as the first two-loss team with their win over Minnesota. Penn State is ranked No. 10 and after Michigan got blown out by Ohio State 56-27, it only fell one spot to No. 14.

You see a trend here?

Ohio State is validated at No. 1 because the committee has the BIG 10 overvalued. Simple as that.

Going back to Wisconsin, it lost on the road as a 30 point favorite to Illinois and lost by 31 to Ohio State, so their wins over Minnesota, Michigan and Iowa are worth more to the committee than Florida losing by a combined 21 points to LSU and Georgia, while beating Auburn.

Penn State coming in at No. 10 does not make sense with wins over Michigan and Iowa but lost to Minnesota and Ohio State. Minnesota is ranked 8 eight spots below Penn State, yet they beat them a few weeks ago. It is for one reason, to make Ohio State look better.

Then to No. 15 Michigan, Michigan has two wins against ranked opponents, Iowa and Notre Dame.

How on earth does Michigan getting rolled at home only fall one spot, yet Alabama loses by a field goal on the road and fall seven spots.

Also, look at the AP Poll compared to the CFP between the SEC and BIG 10 teams.

It's hard to not see the comparison as Clay pointed out.

Also, look down at the bottom five of the poll. Oklahoma State sneaked it at No. 25.

So, if Oklahoma wins the BIG 12 Championship, it can say they have beaten two top 25 teams three times, while Utah is sitting there with two if they win the PAC 12.

If the precedent is set that you get into the top four by the ranked opponents you've beaten, Oklahoma would get in over Utah at No. 4 wouldn't they?



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