• Bryan Cunningham

NCAA hits Kansas with multiple violations

University of Kansas was hit with multiple allegations from the NCAA regarding their basketball program.

Included in the allegations are three Level I violations, which are the harshest the NCAA can give out. Bill Self, the Jayhawks coach is also being charged with a lack of institutional control. The violations come from the FBI probe into college basketball that deals with corruption and bribery. The players involved are Billy Preston and Silvio De Sousa. Preston’s mother allegedly received $90,000 and De Sousa’s guardian was handed between $2,500 and $20,000 from representatives from Adidas.

Preston never actually played for Kansas, after leaving the team following a car accident that caused an investigation from the NCAA on how he got the car. De Sousa played in 20 games for the Jayhawks before being declared ineligible for the rest of the 2017-18 season. De Sousa sat out this past year but as of right now will be eligible for the upcoming season.

Potential consequences of Level I violations include post season bans and scholarship losses. It is also worth noting that Bill Self has denied any wrongdoing and Kansas, so don't be surprised to see Kansas appeal, especially if there are serious punishments handed out. This will be interesting to see how everything plays out because this is the first blue-blood to receive serious allegations stemming from the FBI probe into college basketball.



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