Inside the SEC West

As we work our way through late May, and it feels with every passing day there WILL be a 2020 college football season lets take a thumbnail look at 1 or 2 story-lines facing the SEC football programs. Today we look at the SEC West.

Alabama- Life after Tua. In addition to his physical play, Tua added an air of confidence to the entire Bama program. Also, if Mac Jones is the starting QB how does he and the Bama team react knowing Tua is not running onto the field to save the day?

Arkansas- New coach Sam Pittman takes over a situation like what Jeremy Pruitt inherited at Tennessee. A total talent, culture and attitude rebuild. 2 years minimum before passing any judgement here.

Auburn- Does Bo Nix know passing? With Auburn replacing what feels like 10 offensive linemen and as of right now featuring no star-quality running back,

Nix must improve his passing game, or the Tigers could be in for a long season. The Tigers also lost most of that nasty defense that kept them in a lot of games.

LSU- Life after Burrow and Brady. Was it a one-year miracle for Coach O and LSU? The QB and wunderkind offensive genius are off to the NFL (Joe Burrow & Joe Brady). If the Tigers dip to 7-8 wins then most will think last year the football gods were looking out for the LSU football team. If LSU goes out and wins 10 or 11 then many, like the guy writing this, will have to admit being wrong on Coach O.

Ole Miss./Mississippi St- These two situations are so similar I combined them. The 2 most high-profile new hires in the SEC are in the same division and same state! And that state is the most low-profile of the 11 SEC states. On the field year 1 will feature lots of smoke and mirrors to steal several wins. Off the field the “who can generate the most publicity juice between Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach” might be the best reality show of the 2020 tv season.

Texas A & M- It is now or maybe never for Jimbo Fisher. The Aggies really need a 1st or 2nd place finish in the SEC West. A 2nd place SEC West finish with 10 wins and at least 1 win over the big 3 of: Alabama, LSU or Auburn would go a long way towards believing in the ROI of $75 million.



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