Give Dan Mullen His Transfer Recruiting Credit

There is a recruiting revolution going on and Dan Mullen just may be leading the way on how football classes need to be judged. The time may have come where grading recruiting classes after the December and February signing periods may be as obsolete as the 3 hour college football game. The reason for this is clearly “the transfers class.” 

Leading the way for this revolution are the less that 15 year old grad transfer rule along with the ultra new transfer portal. When those two are combined with the standard transfer you could be looking at a mini-class of 3-5 ready made players that contribute greatly on the field but gave their respective recruiting classes no “juice” because these player additions get lost in the recruiting class ranking shuffle.

So what is the secret-sauce that in this case makes a coach like Dan Mullen so lethal in this new recruiting climate? 1. Have a network of coaching friends and allies that you have worked with over the years to keep you connected and in-the-know with players that might be available soon. 2. Likeability. This comes into play many times on the player that you might have missed on the first time that player chose a school. First impressions go a long way during 2nd recruitments. Dan Mullen checks both the networking and likability boxes about as well as any coach in the country right now.

Time now to provide the proof. Grad transfer defensive end Jonathan Greenard looks to be on his way to multiple All-American teams. Grad transfer defensive tackle Adam Schuler is in the middle of his 2nd very solid season for the Gators. Transfer receivers Van Jefferson and Trevon Grimes seem to have NFL written all over them. With this type of transfer track record most people think that former 5* Georgia DE/OLB transfer Brenton Cox will soon become a star in Gainesville. 

The aforementioned players that have already seen the field for the Gators did not factor into Florida’s past 2 recruiting classes under Mullen. But 3 of the players hit the ground wearing the orange and blue as ready made polished players who have easily performed at 4* levels. In the case of Jonathan Greenard his play as a Gator has 5* written all over it. 

Is it time to change the way college football recruiting classes are evaluated? I think so.



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