Florida/Georgia $$$ vs Jags SEASON $$$

Here is a fun little exercise. Lets compare the financial impact and how happy local business owners are when comparing 1 Florida/Georgia game to and entire Jaguars SEASON!!!

Over their 25 year history the Jags probably have average 25,000- 30,000 fans per game LEGIT. Not announced numbers by the team and bougusly reported by the local media that a legally blind person could see right through. Of that number how many of those fans are true visiting fans that have tripped to our city? Now lets factor in how many Jags fans that have also had to make a trip to see the game? That combined number most likely falls somewhere around 5,000-7,500.

The 2018 Florida vs Georgia game in Jacksonville drew and announced and legit 84,463 fans which is the historic norm for that game. I would very confidently put the number of fans that come into town to attend (probably another 50,000 arrive to party outside the stadium) the game at 65,000. That is 65,000 Florida/Georgia fans that are bringing NEW/OUT OF TOWN MONEY to Jacksonville!

The bulk of the Jaguars crowd money is ALREADY local money. If those Jags fans were not attending the NFL game it is not like they would be sitting home with their wallet full of credit cards in a dark room in the fetal position. Just the opposite. Those fans would be out spending money at the: movies, golf courses, malls, marinas, food and recreation establishments

etc. in essence just shifting their local money away from the local business person and to the NFL/Shad Khan. New found money vs just re-directing local money that would be spent anyway...It's Florida/Georgia week local business owners, may the orange/blue/red/black have you seeing green.



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