• Dylan Denmark

Does LSU have the Defense to Win a National Title?

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Gerald Herbert/ AP

LSU is ranked No. 1 in the country because what their offense has been able to do under Joe Burrow. Their offense ranks second in the nation in total offense averaging 47 points and 556 yards a game.

But the offense for LSU isn't going to hold this team back from going where they want to go, it will be the defense.

Through 10 games, LSU has given up 28 or more points this season five times: Florida, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Texas and Alabama.

In fact, the last two games against Alabama and Ole Miss, LSU has given up a total of 79 points. With LSU having a big lead at halftime in both games, in the second half, it gave up 30 points to Ole Miss and 28 to Alabama.

LSU is currently ranked 44 in total defense giving up an average of 23 points and 368 total yards a game.

If you go back in time, from 1990-2011, the only team in the modern era to have won a national title with a bad defense is Auburn which was ranked 53 in 2010. Every other team was ranked 22 or better.

The chart below is from SB Nation:

Since 2011, every team has won a national champion has had a top ten defense except for Ohio State in 2014 that ranked 26.

Joel Klatt went on The Herd today and said, "This is the Baker Mayfield version Oklahoma. That's what LSU is right now."

Klatt went on to say that Ohio State still has the capability of jumping LSU even if LSU wins out, which is huge because the No. 2 team will have to play Clemson and there is big difference between the No. 3 and four team.

Also, the No. 1 seed can choose where they want to play for the playoff. The two sites are the Peach Bowl in Atlanta or the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. LSU, Ohio State and Clemson would all prefer playing in Atlanta over Arizona.

If LSU wants to win the national title, they must find something is the final weeks of the season to improve their defense.



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